About angelrosas999

I found myself amused for the reliance on such technique called the internet; therefore I shall spread my words with certain delicacy although it would be hard to imagine. I am not perfect by all means as most people say but I think we are perfect as we are for that particular moment. If you really wanted to know who I am then would be a lover, fighter, compassionate, and intelligent individual but of course the list goes on and on. Let it be what is about to become or let it be what is about to end. Either way all we can do is just smile and hope we lived life to our fullest.


Unconditionally and conditionally one must understand to live in a precarious world. Ultimately a person surrendered under one single umbrella of aspirations and rules that gives shade to the rest of our population. Like a cancer cell, it takes one among us to attempt to change world order in an established system. Can we achieve such privilege to derailed from this order? Yes, we can but at what costs. Perhaps the rebel hiding behind the plastic curtains realizes since life is not worth dying for others, it is better lived of his own enjoyment as much as he can within the boundaries of enemy boundaries. ImageImageImageImageImage


I will never forget You

An unexpected random event if you would like to called it, he came to his special place. He has not been there for quite a while. It was right there where he knew about unanswered and mysterious divine subject. Love, as he remembered every moment of it. 


He kept convincing himself which is ultimately true that you are what you love and not what does not love you. He loved those moments. These photos were taken from the sacred place. Image